2019 Ambassador’s Message

This past year has been quite the experience with the outbreak of COVID-19 and being in self isolation. Because of this, the District 8 Ambassador competition was cancelled, as well as many other events which I had planned to attend. However, I was fortunate to spend my time attending agriculture society meetings, where I learned how much effort and dedication goes into making “The Biggest ‘Little’ Fair in Ontario since 1854”. In addition to these meetings, I have also had the privilege of attending the OAAS Convention where I got to meet some amazing and unique individuals! I had the chance to connect with other ambassadors as well as other agricultural societies. One of the highlights of the convention was hearing Farmer Tim (May) speak about consumer
misinformation about the agricultural industry in the media. More specifically, he talked about his own experiences with the Dairy industry and being an ‘Agvocate’ in social media. From this, I have learned that agricultural communities like ours have to be proud of who we are and we can help educate consumers through sharing our knowledge. Being the 2019 ambassador has been a noteworthy experience, I hope that
we as a community have learned to appreciate and support each other in these trying times.

Your Mitchell Fall Fair Ambassador
Serena Hinz

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