Ambassador of the Fair Program


CONVENORS:  Brooklyn McEwen, Katelyn Ludington, Nicole Sykes, Lisa Rapien,
Pauline Skinner, Hailey Jung, Jocelyn VanHerk

Rules & Regulations

a) Contestants must reside in the Municipality of West Perth or Mitchell & District High School area.
b) The contestant must be single, and at least 16 years of age before August 1, 2016.
c) There should be 3 contestants for a competition to be held.
d) Community organizations are invited to sponsor one contestant-male or female.
e) The Sponsors are to provide the contestant with a corsage/boutonniere and a sash/collarette, bearing the name of the sponsor.
f) The contestants are expected to dress appropriately while representing the fair.
g) The sponsoring organization is asked to introduce and tell something about their contestant.
h) Each contestant will be interviewed and expected to deliver a prepared speech, 3 to 4 minutes in length on one of the following topics

  1. Agriculture
  2. Agricultural Societies
  3. Some aspect of the Mitchell Fair.

i) Following the speeches, each contestant will be asked to speak for 1 to 2 minutes on an impromptu topic or subject.

What is expected from our Fair Ambassador

  1.  Participate in the Mitchell Fair and our Fair Parade.
  2.  Represent our Fair at other local Fairs and Events.
  3.  Attend the District 8 Annual workshop in October.
  4.  Participate in the District 8 Ambassador competition in April or May.
  5.  Attend the Annual Convention in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel in February.
  6. Promote the Mitchell Fair and the Ambassador program.
  7. Represent the Fair at annual meetings when possible.
  8. Compete at the 2018 C.N.E. for a chance to represent Ontario Agricultural Societies

Ambassador Prize Supporters

Ambassador Prize Supporters
Our sincere thanks are extended to all who donated prizes and those who sponsor contestants. If you would like to contribute a prize or sponsor a contestant, please contact any member of the Fair Ambassador committee for more information.

The Ambassador Committee thanks the following 2018 Cash Sponsors:
~ Deck Health Services                                    ~ Rose Family Farms
~ Jean Edmunds                                               ~ VDB Grains Ltd
~ Kevin Ludington Plumbing                         ~ Don and Terri-Lynn Van Herk