Crystal Palace Windows “Rejuvenation” Project

Dear Friends and Patrons:

We, at the Mitchell & District Agricultural Society are excited to move to the next phase of improvements to our Beautiful and Historic Crystal Palace Building, celebrating its 100th year of service to our community in 2017.

We are hoping to enhance the outward appearance to the building by placing historic black & white Fair themed photos over the covered windows. These photos will appear to be windows from the outside. The photos will be mounted on an aluminum composite material and we are assured that the life of these pictures is guaranteed to be ten years.

We are asking your assistance in bringing new life and security to the Crystal Palace for years to come. With the support of the community, we can continue to provide a unique venue for those seeking a medium sized event location for weddings, family Christmas and Birthday, meetings and much more.

The chart below shows the street views and commitment levels available for this “Rejuvenation” project. Tax deductible receipts can be issued for your sponsorship commitment.

Street location                                                                           Total cost for a 10 year commitment
Wellington St -6./ North facing over parking lot -1               $3000.00 – 5 available
Waterloo St.                                                                                    $2500.00 – 5 available
East side – facing barns                                                               $2000.00 – 5 available

Your family name or your business name/ logo will be prominently displayed on your window, and recognition will be placed on our supporters wall inside the Crystal Palace as well as ten years of signage at our annual fall fair.

I look forward to discussing your opportunities in the near future.


Winnie Linton