General Rules & Regulations

Please read the rules carefully here and with each class throughout this book.

  1. All exhibitors must obtain an exhibitors number from the secretary and complete an entry form to receive a payout.
  2. Entry Fees Adult Classes are $5. Junior Classes are Free (up to age 21). Horse Classes are 15% of prize money plus HST.
  3. If you entered in Mitchell’s Fair last year your entry fee may have been deducted for this year. Check at the office when you hand in your entry form.
  4. Entry tags, forms and books can be picked up at Hicks House Printing, Tru Country and Garden and The Fabric Shop. Also available during the fair in the office at the Crystal Palace.
  5. Prize money will be paid out as quickly as possible following the fair. We request all cheques be cashed within 30 days.
  6. Farm and garden produce must be from the exhibitor’s farm or garden.
  7. Manufactured articles must be produced the year in which they are exhibited.
  8. Exhibitors shall, if required by the Directors, make a statutory declaration that the articles exhibited by them are exhibited in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Society.
  9. Our Directors will take every precaution to secure the safety of articles sent to our fair. However, the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting. Should any article or animal be accidently damaged, lost or stolen, the Directors will assist in recovery, but not make any payment for the value thereof.
  10. The Society is not responsible for any accidents that occur on the grounds during the fair.
  11. The Directors reserve the right to change any classes at any time during the fair.
  12. The Directors shall have the power to withhold a prize if the judge reports an animal or article unworthy of a prize, and there is no compensation.
  13. Protests must be delivered in writing to the Secretary, within 24 hours after the judges have made their decision. A sum of $10 shall be deposited with each protest and shall be forfeited if the protest is not allowed.
  14. Any person guilty of creating a disturbance, or openly criticizing a judge, another per-son or of using obscene language, shall forfeit the right to any prize money and may be asked to leave the fair and be suspended from exhibiting, by the Society.
  15. Any person violating the Rules and Bylaws of the Society shall forfeit his premium or be liable to a fine or expulsion from the Society at the discretion of the Directors.
  16. Only one entry per person per section of a class will be allowed. This rule shall not apply to animals.
  17. In case of bad or unfavourable weather or other reasons causing the receipts to fall short of paying expenses and all prizes in full, a proportionate amount, exclusive of membership, will deducted from prizes to enable the Directors to balance the ac-counts without a loss to the society.
  18. The Mitchell & District Agricultural Society will not hold itself responsible for any printer’s errors or any other palpable errors in this prize list.
  19. The Directors cannot accept responsibility for any articles removed during or after the fair.
  20. SCORING:

Indoor       Livestock

1st prize       5 points      10 points
2nd prize     4 points       9 points
3rd prize      3 points       8 points
4th prize      2 points        7 points etc
All others     1 point          1 point