Even after two days of nonstop action and activities, we’re sure you’ll find something to bring you back on Sunday. Sunday Events are for families of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy the majestic heavy horses; a battle of the bands;  the adorable baby show and youth pet show. Wrap up your weekend with the crash and bang of the 2018 Demolition Derby – who will be the last to run.

Sunday Events (By Location):

On the Track:

The Heavy Horse Show – 10 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday Events Heavy Horse ShowJoin our conveners; Bob Rice, David Kemp, Winston Jibb, Ron and Carole Gethke as they oversee the heavy horse competition on our track. The opening Sunday event, has horses competing in both Line and Harness categories. For a list of the classes in each category, visit our 2018 Prize Book.

Come cheer on the competitors and your favorite horse!

Mitchell Fair is once again registered for the Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series
Information and Calendar of events goto https://www.naclassicseries.com/WP/events/2019-08/

The 2019 Demolition Derby – 5:30 pm until one left running

Sunday Event Demolition DerbyThe our main Sunday Event, the demolition derby. Last year saw a great many thrills and spills and we anticipate the same will be true for 2018! Don’t miss a minute of this exciting competition.

To register your car for this year, click on the highlight here: Derby Rules.  Note that the registration for the demolition derby will be held at diamond “B” from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Pictured in the photo is our 2016 Champion Joe Clarke. Good luck to our 2018 competitors.

Ponderosa Stage:

2:00 – 4:00pm Chris Mabb

The Arena:

Ecumenical Church Service – 9:30 am

The Annual Baby Show – 11:30 am

Sunday Event Baby ShowWho can adore these beautiful children, all of whom are already winners. Meet the newest members of our community from 0 – 18 months. Who wouldn’t want to be recognized for their “chubbiest cheeks”, “biggest smile”, “loudest laugh” and many more categories. Click over to the prize book on page 46 to see about entering.

To register your child, get the registration form, complete it and drop it off at Hicks House Printing in Mitchell. Have questions, contact Helen Pridham – see page 46 in prize book.

12:30 pm Purple Man

1:15pm Barry’O Kids Show

2:30pm Bill Nuvo Experience

3:10pm Barry’O Kids show

The Pavillion on the Grounds:

The Pet Show – 11:30am

Sunday Event Pet ShowRegistration for this year begins at 11:30 am. The competition is open to youth 14 and under (girls and boys). We have 13 sections and you’re welcome to enter as many as you wish. Please remember that dogs must be on a leash and all other animals are well behaved (but we already know that they will because they are your pets). There is no entry fee. Check page 11 in the prize book to see the thirteen different sections this year (we’re not the least bit superstitious).