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The Biggest “Little” Fair in Ontario • 155 Wellington St., Mitchell

The winning design of the 2023 Mitchell Fall Fair Prize Book!

By Lyla Gloor

The Mitchell & District Agricultural Society and the Mitchell Fair, The Biggest “Little” Fair in Ontario since 1854; are pleased to welcome you to our site.

President’s Message

Our hearts were full this past year. We reached out and asked our community to support us and they did! We were blessed with new society members, many new fair weekend volunteers and thousands of patrons simply enjoying all that we had to offer. The laughter, joy and excitement on everyone’s faces was contagious and uplifting. So, thank you, and congratulations to each and every one of you for a job more than well done, for a job done with love, devotion and whole hearted commitment.

We are a team, a team to be proud of. The Mitchell Ag Society is not a single person or even a hand full of people, we are a large group of dedicated volunteers, all with the same end goal – bring laughter, excitement, entertainment and joy to our community.

So, no matter how large or small a part you played, please know you are valued and we could not do all we do without you. Our financial numbers this year show how ready our community was and how hard each committee worked.

I look forward to the 2023 Fair, working with each of your committees and getting to know you all better. Working as a team with open communication is the key to success and I am excited for 2023’s impending success!!

Cheri Bell

Mitchell Agricultural Society


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